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Medieval & Renaissance architecture


Portuguese Architecture: Torre de Belém in Lisbon
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Thread devoted to images of Medieval architecture, from inspiring Gothic cathedrals to the most humble and rustic of dwellings.

Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris




Notre Dame Cathedral must have once seemed like the equivalent of a skyscraper within it's Medieval Parisian surroundings, it was also originally a lot more colourful. That the Île de la Cité was once the densely populated heart of Paris possibly explains some of it away.




🔔The bells of Notre Dame🔔

Gargoyles of Notre Dame






One thing that has always stuck me about Western Medieval architecture is that it always seems to consist of unpainted stone which gives it a somewhat austere appearance.

In Eastern Europe they always appear to have taken a different approach and have attempted to make their equivalent buildings more colourful which gives them a more optimistic cheerful appearance.
eg the 11th Century St Sophias Cathedral in Kyiv, Ukraine.

The term “medieval architecture” is extremely vague .
Buildings of several different architectural styles were constructed during the medieval era.
Where does the OP hope to go with this thread?

You could say the same for any period of architecture including Ancient, Early Modern, Modern etc etc. If I had intended on starting a thread on say Romanesque architecture in 11th century Catalonia, then that's what the thread would have been about. It would however be a bit narrowly focused though don't you think?

Not particularly anywhere. I like these types of threads including the Discovering Ireland thread.
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