New Programming Cycle

ColetteWith the new year comes the end of Magnusson and the start of a new programming cycle! There is so much coming up for us in January that it can be hard to keep track. Here is a short list of all the exciting adventures that January will bring:

– Kids classes, Saturdays at 8 am, free sample class this Saturday
– WholeMe nutrition challenge starts Jan 5th
– Strength class from 12-2 on Saturdays starting Jan 3rd
– Training for the Open classes begin Jan 3rd at 9 and 10 am

The strength class will be slightly different than the powerlifting class. We have had a major drop-off in attendance for powerlifting since October, so we are shaking things up a bit. Starting Jan. 3rd, the strength class will consist of two groups of athletes, olympic lifters and powerlifters. Those two groups are made up of athletes who have committed to coming each week, with the intention of competing in a meet in the spring/summer. So, for now, the class will not be open to athletes who just want to drop in, but rather athletes who have committed to consistent attendance.

Those two groups will each contain 8 athletes. For now, both teams are currently full. Since this is our first time curating and training lifting teams, we are going with small groups of people who have shown interest in these areas already and have the mobility to complete the movements according to competition standards. If you are interested in some more competitive training, sign up for the Open training!

New Programming:

Monday starts a new round of programming, and we will be embarking on a new 12-week strength cycle. We are going to take advantage of the new year by getting up-skilled in our oly lifts, strengthening overhead positions, and working on high-volume squat strength. Here is what you can expect over the next 12-weeks.

Monday: Split jerk & back squat
Tuesday: Clean & push press
Wednesday: Front squat & gymnastic skills
Thursday: Snatch
Friday: Deadlift
Saturday: gymnastics skills, dynamic bodyweight skills & longer metcons

Before the next cycle begins, you should have some sense of your heaviest deadlift, back squat and front squat. If you don’t know, your coach can help you use a predicted number. Either way, it’s good to have a sense of what you have done in the past so you are not constantly relying on WODify numbers during class.? Here are my recommendations for which days to come, depending on your skill level:

Beginner (0-6 mo.): prioritize Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for well-rounded basic strength skills. Try finding some extra time to work on banded pullups or pushups before class or during open gym.

Intermediate (6mo – 2yrs): Prioritize Mon, Tue, Wed and Fridays to work on power and explosiveness in the squat and clean. Add in Thursday to hone your snatch skills. Start practicing additional weighted pullup skills before class or during open gym.

Advanced intermediate (2yrs +): Mon – Thu + Saturdays. Prioritize your olympyic lifts on Tue and Thu to prep for the open and for crossfit competition season. Use your additional open gym time to work on light technical bar work for clean and snatch, and prep for our next #6weekskills by working your weighted chest to bar pullups.




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